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[video] Cadbury's Smash UK TV Adverts 1970s

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Cadbury's Smash UK TV Adverts 1970s

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This is always gonna be one of my favourites. :cheers: Love it !

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If you can't be arsed peeling, boiling and mashing potatoes, that stuff is OK. Otherwise, leave well alone :rofl:

I invented a meal (for one) using that stuff:

Fry 1/2 onion til brown, throw in 2 eggs and fry em how you like em, take off the heat. Put the grill on. Grate (or slice if you can't be arsed) some cheese. Add Smash to pyrex dish and make as per cooking instructions. Throw in the fried onion and fried eggs. Mash the eggs up into smallish pieces (yolk should add a marbeling effect). Plonk the grated cheese on top of the mix and add some ground black pepper. Stick under the grill til the cheese has melted.
Eat it :splif:

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i used to eat smash raw as a kid. my saliva ducts went into overtime :D

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