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[Video] Sam Cooke-You're Always On My Mind

Music videos for you to dance around like a plonker to!

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What lyrics:

you're always on my mind
instilled in my heart
you're always on my mind
although we are apart
you're always, you're always
always on my mind

baby, the reason why I know
I can't forget your face
cause everywhere I go
I see you everyplace
you're always,you're always
always on my mind

life is so empty
alone with a broken heart
please, please tell me
honey, why did we have to part

you know it's you I love
to my heart you hold the key
I pray to stars above
that you hurry back to me
you're always, you're always
you're always on my mind.

His Biography is on the 'Sam Cooke-Bring It On Home' thread.

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