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[PAT CONDELL] - Appeasing Islam!

Pat Condell - Master of Critical Religious Philosophical Wit

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New Pat Condell!! 8th March 2008

New Pat Condell - Enjoy! :D Excellent as usual!!

"...people have been conditioned by the lie of multiculturalism to believe what they should think is mroe important than what they do think. So, although people will criticise Islam in private, they know that to do so publically, in other words to be honest abou their feelings would instantly make them racists and islamophobes and Nazi's and disgusting imperialist ethnocentric fascist bastards grinding their jackboots into the faces of the innocent and the weak. So... best not make a fuss. You want to beat your wife adn mutilate your daughter? Be out guest! We'll even subsidise it because we want to be your friend!"

Good Old Pat! Tells it from the heart and deosn't hold back :)

-----|0| None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. |0|-----

"Capitalism profits from War - Humanity profits from Peace."

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