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smeggypants wrote:
but the point with Wikipedia is at least it can be edited and changed. ( which I know I difficult at times )

I know of at least one page that can't be edited or changed.

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sorry to bother all of you lovely people but i've just had a major flashback its playing with my head :(:

Trying is the first step towards failure...Homer Simpson
"Ahhhhhh bollox.... whats the point "... Me :D
I would like to thank the MOD for all of their support over the years ...thanks for fuck all :fingers:
do whaaaaaa ? :tizzles:

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wotsit2 wrote:
Whirliegig wrote:a detox? Carol Vorderman style - or a homeopathic detoxing type thing - because of stuff youve possibly been exposed to? ( sorry, dont mean to pry)

no whirls to come off booze :confused: ...i dont drink anymore

Stick with it mate :)

I was highly addicted to smoking. I finally quite 2 years ago after spending 10 years building up the courage to stop.

it's weird how different people can be addicted to different things. I could never be an alcoholic, but one ciggie and I'm stuffed. Wheras I know people who can take or leave smoking but not drink.

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