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[Video] McLibel-Two People Who Wouldn't Say Sorry

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Two activists take on McDonald's in the longest trial in English history. McLibel is the inside story of how a single father and a part-time bar worker took on the McDonald's Corporation. Filmed over three years, the documentary follows Helen Steel and Dave Morris as they are transformed from anonymous campaigners against the fast food giant into unlikely global heroes. Struggling to defend themselves in the longest trial in English history, the pair face infiltration by spies, secret meetings with corporate executives, 40,000 pages of background reading and a visit from Ronald McDonald. Using interviews with witnesses and reconstructions of key moments in court, the film examines the main issues of the trial - nutrition, animals, advertising, employment, the environment - and the implications for freedom of speech.

I've boycotted McDonald's, we all should. If only because every single thing on their menu tastes exactly the same.
I'd not had a meal from their scummy "restaurant's" for 18 months, then still drunk from the night before, gave in (last wkend). 1 hour later-threw up. 30 mins later had my Sunday roast like I hadn't eaten for a week-what do they put in their meat.
Trust me you don't want to vomit a McDonald's, I don't know how Morgan Spurlock did it for a month. For the record I don't agree with his method of over eating to prove his point. I could eat a larger amount of the same thing for 30 days and I could gaurantee I would be sick more than half the time, if not 90% of the time.
Support local shops, you'll miss them when they're gone.

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I've had 1 McDonalds in the last 10 years. it was 3 years ago on the Motorway. Everyone else outvoted me. I was starving. It was truly vile. I'll watch this when i get a free millisecond. Good one! :thumb:

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I forgot to explain that this video shows brain-washing tactics of children by CrapDonalds. So watch and learn, then stay away. Oh and also it shows how invincible the shareholders of McDonalds believe they are, and with all their money they kind of are.

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