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Quarter of Emmerdale extras out

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Quarter of Emmerdale extras out

The news was broken to the extras
in a letter from bosses
About a quarter of extras on soap Emmerdale have been dropped by bosses who have told them fewer faces will make village scenes more realistic.

The news that their services would no longer be required was broken in a letter to 31 of the ITV1 serial's 113 regular extra actors.

Acting union Equity said it was seeking "urgent talks" with producers.

ITV said it was "in the nature of production that there is a creative review from time to time".

'No warning'

One of the extras, who did not wish to be named, told The Stage magazine she had appeared in Emmerdale for 15 years.

She said there had been no advance warning. "We got the letter and that was it - we're not going to get any more work," she said.

"It's the shock of the way it has been done - so many people in one fell swoop and without any thought to what it means to people. "For some, it is quite a lot of money to lose."

She said it was "a double blow" at a time "when everyone is feeling the pinch".

I actually watched a couple of episodes recently. The evil Andy Sugden getting impaled was a comeuppance. But I couldn't help notice that after the terrified and bloodstained Jo stumbled out into the road she avoided two cars that just happened to be passing close together. Such a coincidence on a lonely country road.

The village does always seem a bit too busy

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