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Do you watch soaps?

A fly on the wall observing the fictional escapes of the soap world.

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I don't watch em anymore.
I used to watch 'neighbours' on youtube, then they cut it of due to copyright.
I cant watch it on tv cos I'm not home when its on.
Demand five is a pile of crap, it never works on my computer anymore.
So they've lost me now and I was a big fan. :(

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I used to watch Brookside and Eastenders in the eighties as these were far more contemporary than plots about cats going missing in Coronation St and where I lived Corrie was mostly regarded as a pensioner's show, whereas most teens were into Brookside and Eastenders because the cast were younger and the plots more exciting. I never really got Neighbours and was one of the small minority of under 25s who refused to watch it.

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