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ha ha ha ha ha!!!! All shows funny of course!! ha ha ha ha!!!
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Steven Fry's 'hilarious' venture into adaption of his rants a decade ago, about the time when he was knee deep in cocaine, not that he would have been on his knees for anything else of course.

Note the 'critique' writing the storyline

One does wonder whether the bippolar that Fry has profited / exploited ad nauseum suffered from is down to his lifestyle choice of snorting huge amounts of the white powder over the thirty years of his sorry career or the simple fact, as the BBC conceded, was that his brain was - almost - as intelligent as toast. ... -body.html

Then again those that green-lit for him 20 years ago would never tell, being on the same shit to nowhere, either dead or in asylums up and down the country.

Surprise, Fry's penchant for snorting commences just before he fucks up lives of others ... 74362.html

Go see the film, it pays for an addiction to the smooth porcelain surface in the gents convenience.
Credit cards for preparing lines have rarely been in his name, in keeping with his base nature.

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