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wotsit2 wrote:
Arnold Layne wrote:"This would have the effect of reflecting and refracting sunlight off the surface of the ocean," said Prof Forster.

Actually, wots, the idea is not as stupid as it sounds. The amount of light and heat a planet reflects depends on something called it's albedo, which is basically a measure of how reflective it is. Of course....and you'll realise this, wots......the ice at the poles is very reflective. The fact that this ice is reducing in size also means that the albedo is reducing. That's what's called a feedback process, the warming is causing the reduction in ice, which, in it self, is causing increased warming. It's a bummer. The idea with the bubbles is to increase the albedo artificially.

Or they could stop ships sailing altogether and save the fucking things polluting the atmosphere. Just a thought.

some have said that it's soot causing the ice to melt because it absorbs the suns rays :shrug:

Well, anything darker would absorb more/reflect less, that's why replacing ice with seas (melted ice) would cause greater absorbption of heat. But the real problem is the continued increase in greenhouse gases which trap heat from escaping, which raises the temperature and causes the positive feedbacks, such as the melting of the ice and permafrost.

The bad news is that the permafrost contains loads of methane, another greenhouse gas.

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