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UK Porn Filter Will Censor Other Content Too,

Terrestrial [Analogue and Freeview] TV, SKY, Cable, ISPs and any other method of supplying your media!

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Gunner 51 wrote:I wouldn't be so quick to cry out conspiracy just yet, Smeggy. Let's face it most children have found porn in the woods or in a public toilets at some point, Mr Cameron is merely buckling under pressure from the likes of Mumsnet.

But the internet as a whole is a Parental Guidance thing, the internet is like a city. Children should be accompanied by an adult if they are that worried about them walking into the red-light district. But children going onto the internet is something a parent should really think about when they're young - parental locks are but a Google search away. Plus the parent has X amount of years to research this before their children hit their teens. This is the twenty first century, there's no longer an excuse for it.

But as for children getting around those locks, I'd imagine you can password those sites. I'd rather be annoyed every five minutes by junior wanting to unlock a legitimate site and have the peace of mind that the actual porn is being kept away.

Of course the prude brigade ( mostly christians and people like claire perry ) are helping to fuel this but it's aready been revealed by the ISPs that the list of things to be blocked extends far further than just porn. The conspiracy has already been revealed, which is why I started this new thread about it. :)

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You forget one thing, Smeggy. Stupid people and cannot do conspiracies. It gives them far too much credit, they can only merely form lobby groups and do awareness campaigns and the like.

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