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Phorm: Amazon reject it. EU challenges UK over it

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Phorm: Amazon reject it. EU challenges UK over it

The hideous Phorm is under the spotlight again!!

Based on article from
See also Internet privacy: Britain in the dock from

United Sates of Europe
Online retailer Amazon has confirmed that it is opting out of the controversial internet advertising service, Phorm.

The company has said that it will not allow Phorm to scan its web pages in order to serve customers with targeted adverts based on their browsing habits.

The Phorm technology, known as Webwise, has been at the centre of controversy in recent months. Last year, BT allowed a trial of Webwise to go ahead without the explicit consent of users. It has now started a new trial of the technology on an opt-in basis only.

Although Phorm has been cleared by the Information Commissioner’s Office of any concerns regarding data or privacy, the European Commission has announced that it is starting legal action against the UK government for the way its data protection laws operate in relation to Phorm.

The EU telecoms commissioner, Viviane Reding, said: I call on the UK authorities to change their national laws and ensure that national authorities are duly empowered and have proper sanctions at their disposal to enforce EU legislation.

The Commission has branded the technology as an interception of user data, and believes there is a legal need for more explicit seeking of consent from users before such services can be rolled out.

And privacy lobby the Open Rights Group has also called on a number of websites, including Microsoft, Google and AOL to opt out of Phorm’s scheme. The group said it expected more companies to follow Amazon’s lead and opt out of the Phorm service.


Good for Amazon!!!

here's a interesting article about PHORM from

Norman Lamont Emerges from Shadows to Join Board of Shadowy Internet Ad Spies Phorm

Remember Norman Lamont, who used to work for the Rothschilds is a hardened member of the ruling elite. ... ies-phorm/

how Phorm works ... ( click on piccie to make it readable )

Click on image for full size:

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I finally understand PHORM an I fucking detest it. :mad:

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What about those of us who have only a limited download per month?? This crap is surely gonna build up the megabytes that I don't want and am still gonna have to pay for! :stomp: :(

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