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UK crime maps online ...

Got any cool links? Or even links to avoid? Let us know.

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phild05 wrote:Hang on, Wots, sounds like my front door's getting kicked in :rofl:

that'll be the local charity people then will it phil ? :rofl:

Trying is the first step towards failure...Homer Simpson
"Ahhhhhh bollox.... whats the point "... Me :D
I would like to thank the MOD for all of their support over the years ...thanks for fuck all :fingers:
do whaaaaaa ? :tizzles:

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It's all bollocks!
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smeggypants wrote:It was fine overnight. I can't access it at the moment either. It's probably overloaded today as it's been advertised on the MSM. Try after midnight when the masses are in bed :)

Will do. :thumb:

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Here's mine... ... crimetypes

47 Crimes, someone send for Robocop!

If you aren't willing to stand behind your troops, feel free to stand in front of them.

Lex iniusta non est lex

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