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Gaming can lead to Agression?

Shoot em up? Adventures? Here we go!!

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Little_Law_Chick wrote:For example after watching emmerdale tonight Id lilke to go out and murder cain dingle myself, doesnt mean Im going to though.

I can probably fix that remote control if you post it to me.

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LordNibbler wrote:Two points on that.

One. Comparing the printed word with interactive 1st person audio-visual and physical entertainment that rewards instantly for commiting acts of sometimes extreme violence is comparing totally different mediums.

Two. How many hours of your choice do you spend a week reading holy texts and how many hours playing violent computer games? Take a survey at a few schools and ask the same question. What do you think the ratio will be?

However, both mediums share one thing in common - they both fire the imagination. But one thing that does separate the two is that religion has lost much of it's relevance here in the twenty first century. Most Christians aren't going to kill anyone for working on Sunday or eating shellfish for example, not only because murdering people denies them their place in heaven, but that it's also incredibly dickish.

Back in the olden days before gaming really took off, there was violence - it certainly wasn't as well recorded as today's 24 hour rolling news would do it, but it did exist. And was probably just as prevalent back then as it is now.

To me, gaming is just the new Rock'n'roll - something for Moral Guardians to blame for youth violence. If our Moral Guardians are right, every gamer in the Western Hemisphere would have turned into psychotic murderers by now. Britain and the States aren't the only ones who play violent games. Australia, Canada, The Eastern Bloc, Europe all have them, this should make for an awful lot of killers by the logic of the Moral Guardians.

What keeps anyone who is exposed to violence in check is a responsible adult to talk with the kids involved and teach them right from wrong. I've been playing violent games myself for quite some time (Since '87) and I haven't got into any trouble with the police. All thanks to mum and dad being there and telling me what's what.

However, the children who get neglected by their parents who let games become an impromtu babysitter - to cover up the parent's laziness. That's where the harm lies. Most children have fine parents, it would surely be morally wrong to punish everyone on account of the tiny number of lazy parents who cannot be bothered to take five/ten minutes out of their time to bond with their children.

And what of those who do not have children, why should their games be censored. Games already have age certificates and store clerks are told not to sell to anyone who looks like they're underage for the game they are attempting to buy. The only way those children gain access to these games are by parents who cannopt be bothered to research what they're buying or they have older family members who play the games.

The law as it stands, in my own opinion is sufficiently protective of children without compromising everyone else's civil liberties.

Though odd as it sounds, while games and most violent media have age contraints and laws to prevent children from getting at them. There's nothing stopping a child from walking into a place of worship and getting a spare Bible/Torah/Quran if they ask and get all the violent imagary they need to really warp their imaginations.

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