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high age ratings make games more attractive to youngsters

Shoot em up? Adventures? Here we go!!

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high age ratings make games more attractive to youngsters

YOU DON'T SAY!! :doh: :doh:


If you want to make blood-and-gore video games less appealing to minors, toss those restrictive age and violent-content warnings. The lure of something off-limits only increases demand, a new study says.

In the study, researchers tested 310 Dutch children ranging in age from 7 to 17. Participants read fictitious game descriptions and rated how much or how little they wanted to play each game. In every group, the more objectionable the content, the more kids clamoured for the controller—forbidden fruit, the researchers called the games.

The findings are published in the March issue of Pediatrics.

While research has found that ratings increase the attraction to raunchy TV shows and movies, the hypothesis had never been tested with video games, reported two of the study's authors, Brad Bushman of the University of Michigan and Elly Konijn of VU University Amsterdam.

They suggest that youth should not be allowed to buy their own games, that parents and physicians be aware of risk factors (such as a drop in grades) and that policy-makers rethink the classifications (such as M, appropriate for those 17 and older), which will only make the games "unspeakably desirable."

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Ha ha ha, how long did it take the men in white coats to twig that one out?

I remember seeing that 18 certificate on crappy horror films when I used to go to Asda's when I was about 7 and really wanting to see those films. (Back then, they had their own video rental department.) Back then I knew that the "18" was the certificate of excellence especially as films like Conan, Nightmare on Elm Street etc had it.

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