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STS-128 Next Shuttle Mission

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smeggypants wrote:
martyn20 wrote:Amazing views of the shuttle as she made her final turn to line up with the runway.

It was wasn't it. it didn't half come down steep as well and even though there was no fixed reference point in the camera shot you could see it was going at some speed as well.

One thing I did think off was how the heat.the hot gases, of re-entry doesn't seep through the joins where the under carraige flaps are.

Sorry I didn't do any updates last night.

no need to apologise sir. :thumb:

btw - Did i hear that was the last shuttle mission?

The shuttle comes down about five times as steep as an airliner on landing, very fast, it's amazing how those flaps hot during re-entry, there are several others under there for fuel pipes etc.
There are still a few shuttle flights to go, the next mission is slated for November, this site gives dates


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