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Kids Films?

True Red's forum about Brats. All things Kids and the beating of!! No Gary Glitters!


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Not sure if this is the right place to put this or not but just back from taking my little bro from seeing how to train a dragon and have to say its a really great film, good way to spend the bank holiday as well

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Cheers for the recommendation LLC - could be worth a look with half term looming.

But rather than going to the cinema, we use films at home to pacify our three nippers - it's the only way to get a couple of hours peace!

In fact they are down in the front room now watching "Kick-Ass". When I looked in on them half an hour ago my eldest said it was the best film EVER - even better than "Pulp Fiction" she said! But my youngest was fast asleep, bless him!


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