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Aren't kids funny!!

True Red's forum about Brats. All things Kids and the beating of!! No Gary Glitters!


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Classic in the TR household last night.

Youngest was asking us why you would get arrested if you didn't watch a film. I didn't understand what he was on about so, questioned him further.

"When we saw Iceage3 on Friday, it said "ignorance was not an excuse"

He was referring to the piracy advert, but was thinking that it meant you couldn't ignore the film.

I still haven't stopped laughing :rofl:

Anyone anything else cute to share?

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yeah ...when my eldest was little he had diarrhoea and when he went to the loo we heard this plantive cry i went hurtling up the stairs and asked him what was wrong he replied ,"dad my bum went bang " :rofl:

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