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If your child commits a very serious crime?

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smeggypants wrote:
Mr Squirrel wrote:Having being lost in other parts of the forum only certain beers can reach, i have just stumbled upon this thread and feel a little addition...

I remember watching a documentary about Peter Sutcliffe (Yorkshire Ripper) a few years ago now, and they interviewed Sutcliffes father.. A perfectly normal working class bloke from Bradford. Sutcliffes father was asked how he felt about his son and if he loved or hated him.... his words have always stuck with me....

Mr Sutcliffe: "I love Peter.. my little boy, I love him for who he is... I hate him for what he has done... hate him!...... but i love him as my son."

Exactly, and I can imagine that's just how papa sutcliffe feels.

We cannot blame parent for everything an offspring does. After all isn't it good to bring up childrent o think for themselves even if that thinking may turn out to be anti-social?

this is an old thread!

mr sutcliffe snr's comment sounds like a man who has spent a long time thinking/agonising about his own son and what he has done.

when you raise a child, all you can do is guide them using your own set of values into what you hope will enable them to become a decent human being.

the choices they ultimately make is down to them, and as parents, you may not always agree with them but that still doesn't stop you from loving them.

I reject your reality and substitute my own!

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Scott Nelson wrote:Even if a child is given a loving upbringing, they can still turn out to be nuts! If their brain is programmed to commit crimes then they'll do it! Sex offenders and murderers think what they do is normal behaviour! It isn't.

Utter bollocks.

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