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The Obama joke which is ABOVE above top secret!

All things NWO, Ruling Elite, Illuminati, etc

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Have you heard the joke about Obama's visit to Pakistan?


President Barack Obama makes a state visit to Pakistan.


Michelle and the 2 Obama children, accompany the president.


The Obama family are guests of the Pakistani military


- but - sadly - a military dog


savages Sasha to death.


- before the US Secret Service can shoot the dog dead.


Obama, tears in his eyes,


says to the ISI general, whose dog it was.


"I'm so sorry. Can I buy you a new dog?".


(Another triumph for peace and hope :roll: )

I've had my joke banned from the conspiracy forum Above Top Secret! :D


The joke is at President Obama's expense, painting him as stupid, weak, pathetic, absentminded, negligent and fainthearted as commander in chief, oblivious to our dangerous enemy, the Pakistani military, whose "terrorist dogs", Al Qaeda and the Taliban have killed and maimed thousands of Americans, who were all someone's child too.

The politics of this joke

Pakistan is secretly at war with us. Pakistan denies it. We are in denial.

For years, the President and Congress have been spending American taxpayers' money to aid Pakistan.

All this time, Pakistan has funded terrorists and built nuclear weapons and perhaps this is why the American taxpayer money spent on Pakistan did not feature in President Obama's State of the Union speech.

Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan where he and the terrorist group he founded, Al-Qaeda, which attacked the US on 9/11, was hosted and sponsored by the Pakistani military.

The same Pakistani military given $10 billion in military aid (and $ billions more in civil aid) by the US since 2001 is actually supporting, recruiting, training, supplying and directing the Taliban against our forces.

The Taliban and other terrorist groups based in Pakistani territory are secret agents, proxies, irregular forces of the Pakistani military.

The Taliban don't wear Pakistani military uniform of course, because that would give the game away, even to the fools who run NATO, the Pentagon, the MOD etc.

The evidence for Pakistan's secret terrorist war against the West can be viewed in the BBC's "SECRET PAKISTAN" videos.


Part 1. Double Cross

Part 2. Backlash

We need a new strategy which defeats the Taliban (and Al Qaeda) by applying the Bush Doctrine versus those states which sponsor those terrorists - Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Applying the Bush Doctrine versus Afghanistan alone makes as little strategic sense as it would have if we'd applied Cold War doctrine to say Cuba alone but not against the Soviet Union and its Eastern European client communists states!

It is a military fundamental that you don't win a war by funding your enemy but rather you win a war by bankrupting your enemy, cutting off the resources the enemy needs to sustain its army.

The correct, non-foolish war strategy, knowing what we know about Pakistan now, to fight this war is that our governments and military should change their policies in dealings with Pakistan

- from a non-ingenious, self-defeating policy of diplomacy and aid, combined with a limited drone campaign against Al-Qaeda and now fewer Taliban targets

- to a much more confrontational policy of ultimatums, sanctions and war against the Pakistani military and especially the Pakistani generals and former generals who dictate military policy to use the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence ("the ISI", a state within a state) to sponsor terrorism behind the window dressing of an elected but relatively powerless government of Pakistan.

It may be Christian in some ways to turn the other cheek to the ISI as it kills our soldiers, but it isn't waging war in a common sense fashion. It's more akin to appeasement than war-fighting.

It's like when a neighbour sets his savage dog to kill your child you only blame the dog and not the neighbour and you pay him money to keep him happy and to buy a new dog because the one he had got put down because it killed your child. That would be weak, stupid, lame and pathetic and no way to care for your children!

The US and NATO allies have the most powerful military alliance in world history and we are being made fools of on the battlefield by Pakistan - a military power which our taxpayers are paying money to!

This is really an absurd way to fight our war, with a blind eye as to who the enemy is.

We must end the farcical tragedy of our very stupid political and military leadership of this war!

We should apply massive pressure to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, up to and including war if necessary. Something fairly dramatic is needed to show the state sponsors of terrorism that their plan for a secret war against us with no chance of any blow-back has utterly failed and they are looking down the barrel of a real war with us or indeed are hearing the opening shots of that war in a way that is rather too close for comfort!

Why would a Scotsman make jokes about a US president?

Well Scotland, run as part of the UK, like Pakistan is stuck with a rotten state which gets inappropriate American support.

It would be so much easier for Scotland, now run as a rotten kingdom with no right for Scotland to elect a president, to have a republican revolution, to become a democratic republic if the American president didn't support the Queen, didn't meet with her and if US diplomats didn't engage in diplomacy but treated Queen Elizabeth more like the US treated Saddam Hussein.

Likewise, it would be so much easier for Pakistan to become a true democracy if American government didn't pay military and civilian aid to the Pakistani military dictatorship which dictates policy to sponsor terrorism behind the scenes of window dressing of an elected but relatively powerless government.

Also, Scotland has suffered a terrorist attack on Glasgow Airport.


Scotland has a significant population of Muslims here and so we are vulnerable to the Pakistani military and the Saudi royal family sponsoring global terrorism in our country, inciting our Muslims here to jihadi terrorism.

However, Scotland can't deal with terrorism, can't deal with any of our problems properly, we can't get really good governments so long as we are stuck with the Queen and a kingdom, which rigs elections and referendums to keep power in the hands of royalist loyalists who are incompetent.

But instead of the US president being loyal to his fellow republicans over here in Scotland, who would like the Queen removed, we see US president after US president engaging in high profile diplomacy with the Queen and other members of the UK royal family.


So many countries in the world really are adversely effected by a very powerful USA which gives inappropriate support to regimes which impose harm on their people.

We all want freedom but US presidents want to be friends with regimes - monarchies like Saudi Arabia or UK, military dictatorships like Pakistan and Egypt - which deny freedom to their people.

Monarchs and military dictators should just be hung or shot, not courted.

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Peter Dow wrote:Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan where he and the terrorist group he founded, Al-Qaeda, which attacked the US on 9/11, was hosted and sponsored by the Pakistani military..


Al-Qaeda don't exist. It's a just a fabricated entity by the US/Israel Security sercies to scare the Western masses with and blame Zionist flase flags for. Al-qaeda, not existing couldn't have attacked the us on 911.

Bin Laden had nothing to do with 911 either and died around 2001 probably before 911 happened

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Fuck. Just wasted almost 2 minutes of my life in this thread.

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