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You Have More POWER Than You Think!*

All things NWO, Ruling Elite, Illuminati, etc

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´╗┐NO is also the secret of our power.

Those who rule always depend on those who are ruled. The capitalists cannot make profit without their workers, the generals cannot make war without their soldiers, the presidents and prime ministers cannot rule without their subjects.

If the servant says no to
the master, then the servant is no longer a servant and the master is no longer a master: both start to become humans. If the soldiers say no to their generals, then the soldiers are no longer soldiers and the
generals are no longer generals.

If the workers say no to their capitalist bosses, then the workers are no longer workers and the capitalists are no longer capitalists. All these people who want to command us,
who want to tell us what to do, would realise that they depend on us, and not the other way around. We are stronger than we think.

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