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Code Breaking

All things NWO, Ruling Elite, Illuminati, etc

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As most of you know Freemason's like to hide their secrets and that's why they went to the trouble of inventing various codes/cypher's with which they would normally conceal such things as Degree Passwords and other "secret" Words whenever there was a need for them to be written down in print.

This Freemason's cipher is a really simple substitution cipher, exchanging letters for symbols based on a grid.
The example below key shows one way the letters can be assigned to the grid. They began using it in the early 1700s to keep their records private and for correspondence.



Lol, those of you who are parents?... Your kids will love playing with this :)

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GG, you're clearly mental and you make my head hurt. ;)
I can't even do long division.
Time for me bed methinks.
Enjoy being nightbreed! :D

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I used almost exactly the same code when I was 11 / 12 :D

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