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What Micheal Jackson should look like at 50

Altogether now.... in the key of Bb!!!

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Michael Jackson is 50 tomorrow ( 29th )

As he turns 50, is this what Michael Jackson should really look like?

A middle-aged man wearing pyjamas is being pushed in a wheelchair down a sidewalk by an assistant. He is gaunt and frail-looking. His skin seems to be peeling. His fingernails are a sickening shade of yellow-brown.

Beneath a red Marines baseball cap a surgical mask is visible, covering the bottom half of his face. A pair of large sunglasses shield the top.

Three children walk ahead - two boys and a girl. All seem happy and look adorable in colourful clothing. Their baseball caps do not seem a deliberate attempt to shield their faces.

'Slow down,' the man commands in a hoarse whisper, but the children ignore him and quickly cross the street to stand in front of a bookshop.

When the man in the wheelchair finally catches up, one of the children dutifully holds the door open as he is wheeled inside.

'Thank you,' he mutters weakly. All seems calm, but then - just as the children are about to follow the man into the shop - a stranger approaches the smallest of them.

'Was that…?' she begins to ask. The boy is about to answer, when a large man steps between them.

'No. That was not,' he says, taking the boy by the hand and rushing him inside. But, just before the door swings closed, the young boy turns to his inquisitor, smiles broadly and mouths just two words: Michael Jackson.

Welcome to the very sad world of Wacko Jacko. The scene I've just described is typical of what goes on in his life almost every day in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he now resides.

more of article here

What Jackson should look like at 50



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Tom Jones!

This has been a ThinBoy quality post

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