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Music Festival Memories

Altogether now.... in the key of Bb!!!

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Whats the most memorable music festival you have ever been to?

Do you go every year to the same one, or maybe used to when you were younger...or does all that mud put you off :eek4:

me, I've never been i'd like some stories and memories from you guys to give me a feel of what its like to be there...


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The only festival I've ever been to was Reading 1997. I loved it! All types of people just forgetting about their lives for 3 days. I loved that there was nothing to do except wander round, eating, drinking, and deciding what bands to listen to. I was a huge Metallica fan at the time so they were a big highlight for me, also remember Marilyn Manson, Dinosaur Jr, and Stereophonics (who weren't very famous then but you could tell they were going to be!) The Cardigans, James, Terrorvision and Suede. The Verve also played that year but were on at the same time as Metallica so had to miss them :thumbdown:

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When I was younger I would do the 'Monsters of Rock' every year. Then it became download or Ozzfest, which were both pretty amazing too.

The last one I went to it rained all weekend and living in a tent in a mud filled field kind of put me off.

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