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Listen to something rare - on Forgotify

Altogether now.... in the key of Bb!!!

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There are 4 million songs on Spotify that have never been played.

I cannot really believe there are that many there (where did they dig them all up from and why?), but there may be some hidden gems there for you to find. :) ... -forgotify

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4 million is probably the tip of the iceberg.

Imagine all the songs written and recorded throughout the years that never even made it that far. And as a musician type bod I can vouch that most musical ideas never eveb get finished.

John Peel, had he still been alive, would have loved Forgotify as a goldmine of serendipity in order compile his shows. ( RIP )

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Since I use Spotify quite a lot, I may go through there and dig up a few of the songs. :D

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I'm on Spotty, I get quite a lot of plays there, worth $20+ per month on average, I must have a fan or two there :phew:

Be handy if it had a search option, most of the names and bands there appear to be East European.

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