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The Stone Roses to reunite for tour

Altogether now.... in the key of Bb!!!

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The Stone Roses to reunite for tour

Any Stone Roses Fans?


Influential Manchester rock band The Stone Roses have announced the end of a 15-year split for a series of gigs.

The band will play two shows at Heaton Park, Manchester, on 29 and 30 June before an "extensive" world tour.

At a London press conference, singer Ian Brown said his friendship with John Squire had been repaired and the group hoped to release a new record soon.

The Manchester band, which was formed in 1983, recorded just two albums before they dissolved in 1996.

Their 1989 self-titled debut is regarded as a seminal work, combining psychedelic pop and funky basslines.

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I've heard quite a bit of their stuff and I've never been impressed by any of it. Sounds like a "We're skint so we'll do a tour, rake it in and fuck off again" thing to me. A mate of mine (John Gregory) is in a band called Dirty North (not impressed with them either) but they may well be supporting the Stone Roses so it's a plus for him I guess :splif:

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I've met John Squire,seems a nice enough bloke. My cousin was with him for a few years,they had a baby together,and I met him a couple of times on family do's.


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