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The Bay City Rollers are back!!

Altogether now.... in the key of Bb!!!

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The Bay City Rollers are back!!

:eek: :eek: :eek:

It's probably quite sad seeing a bunch of middle aged fat and probably balding men dressed in tartan singing Shang a Lang, but yes the Bay City Rollers are back next year for an 8 date tour along with other 1970s cheesy popsters like David Essex, Leo sayer, the Osmonds, etc

Lessssssssssss McKeown has just been on t' TV talking about it. And yes he looks like a fat middle aged person. Not bald though, but did look pissed. He's goen the same way as Spandau Ballet's Tony Hadley

here's some info ... ... llers.html

it looks like they are called Les McKeown's Legendary Bay City Rollers now.

Laughablely I've just seen at the bottom of that page there is also Faulkner's Bay City Rollers

So does this mean each of these acts has only one original member?


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