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Kevin Bloody Wilson!

Altogether now.... in the key of Bb!!!

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#####Warning swearing and sexual content in clips#######

Not too sure if this fits in comedy or music, but i have obviously chosen Music as Weird Al Yankovic thread is here. Kevin Bloody Wilson may be Australian, bet lets not hold that against him. He may not take the piss out of famous songs like Weird Al does but his humour i find very funny.

Am i the only one that find this funny then? As loads of people have never heard of this guy it seems.

Swear Words Mentioned in these clips!

Do ya fuck on 1st dates

Mick The Master Farter - no video!

Hey Santa Claus


So is he funny, or just crude?

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Santa Clause you cunt! where's my fucking bike!!

A mate of mine dragged me along to see Kevin bloody Wilson about 15 years ago. he's not what i'd call intelligent humour, but for 2 brain laughs it was entertaining. yeah I know it makes me sound liek a snob but so waht :) big up Kevin!! wonder what he's up to now? :)

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My brother went to see him a few years ago and said he laughed from beginning to end.
*must remember to dig out my cd of KW songs to annoy hubby :sir: '

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