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Britschool - Music Factory??

Altogether now.... in the key of Bb!!!

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it seems that many of the new breed of british pop is coming out of a pop star apprenticeship organisation called britschool.

Amy Winehouse, Kate Nash and Adele just 3 well known names

In fact from WIkipedia

Former members of the school include Tankus the Henge/Jaz Delorean, Katie Melua, Lynden David Hall, Imogen Heap, Luke Pritchard (frontman of The Kooks), Joe "Jay" Cohen, Daisy's Sweethearts, Adele (singer), Dan Gillespie Sells and Richard Jones (respectively lead singer and bassist of The Feeling), Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis, Kate Nash, Dane Bowers and Wayne Williams from Another Level, Andrez Harriott from Damage (British band), Marsha Ambrosius and Natalie Stewart who make up Floetry, Kelly O'Keefe and Lisa Armstrong (singers with Deuce (band) ), singer/songwriter Jamie Woon, The Pangs, Dubstep/Breakbeat producer Reso, actress Kellie Shirley from Eastenders, Ace and Vis (DJs on BBC 1Xtra and Channel U) and Kiss 100 FM DJ Rickie.

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pop star apprenticeship used to be Art School...

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Some of those former members should be forgotten about, but schools should be available for all kids. Its just a simple fact that some kids are not academic, but they can be hugely talented in some form of the arts. So why shouldn't they have chance to study this. It would give them something to work towards and aim for. The problem is these schools are few and far between and its normally those with money that get it!

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How can it be called BRIT school, funded by BRIT money, when most British kids don't actually live in or near Croydon, so can't possibly attend?

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