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Daily Hello-graph shock story

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The Daily Telegraph continues to dive downmarket to take on The Mail.

I recall being a regular reader in the 70s, when its foreign coverage was the best in the business. Never really agreed with its politics, but as a newpaper of record it was better than The Times at that time.

Now we get stories like this -

Scruffy Duffy: The morning after the Brits


"But she flaunted an altogether less flattering look as she answered her door the following morning with bare feet and wearing little but a baggy jumper to cover her modesty.

Her brief sleep was disturbed when a bouquet of flowers was delivered to her South London flat a few hours later, which she went out to collect looking bleary eyed."

Good grief. If you ring someone's doorbell continuously when she was fast asleep and cause her to get out of bed - then she won't look as good as when she was dolled up the night before. Shock, horror! :eek4:

Actually, she don't look bad at all, apart from having her mouth in a semi-Cherie expression. :): ... Brits.html

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diablo wrote:
Actually, she don't look bad at all, apart from having her mouth in a semi-Cherie expression. :):

Yeah, I think she looks great considering the average difference between the night before and the morning after.

I agree about the hideous Cherie blair expression, but apart from that which is obviously a snapshot of an animated character, I wouldn't mind waking up with to that.

I suppose I can thank the telegraph for allowing me to fantasise about the but between the two pictures, but it really is crass press.

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