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Swayze 'may live only two years'

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Actor Patrick Swayze, who has pancreatic cancer, has admitted he may survive only two years.

Speaking in his first US TV interview since he was diagnosed with the disease, the Dirty Dancing star said he was "scared" and "going through hell".

The 56-year-old refused painkillers while working on new TV drama The Beast, and missed only a day-and-a-half of the show's tough filming schedule.

He also denied being on his deathbed and "saying goodbye to people".

'Wishful thinking'

"Am I dying? Am I giving up? Am I on my death bed? Am I saying goodbye to people? No way," Swayze told TV interviewer Barbara Walters.

But the star, whose other screen credits include romantic movie Ghost, admitted that he still asks himself: "Why me?"
Patrick Swayze in US TV drama The Beast

Swayze added that he wanted to survive long enough for a cure to be found, but said that beating the disease for five years was "pretty wishful thinking".

"I keep dreaming of a future, a future with a long and healthy life, not lived in the shadow of cancer but in the light," he said.

The actor added that people thought he was "out of his mind" to shoot the new detective series while undergoing a rigorous and experimental treatment - and without pain relief.

The Beast is due to debut on US cable channel A&E next week.

"When you're shooting you can't do drugs... 'cos it takes the edge off your brain," said Swayze.

He was diagnosed with the disease early last year, and in December issued a statement denying US tabloid reports that he was close to death.

He said that he was winning his fight against cancer and called the stories "lies and false information".

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most virulent forms of cancer which medical experts say has a 5% five-year survival rate.

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Patrik Swayze (((((hugz))))))

I know about pancreatic cancer, my mother died of it. My sister was traumatised by nursing her during her end.

:(: I hope something comes along and kills him quickly. Mum suffered - to some extent unnecessarily, due to her arsehole GP - and we suffered watching it.

I sincerely pity anyone who gets it. Several famous stars have succumbed to it...Aundry Hepburn, Michael Landon, Donna Reed.

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Crikey - only a few months ago he was apparently going to be dead by now.

The media are twats really!

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Poor guy is looking really thin and drawn and gaunt lately, since the pneumonia.Still maintaining his dignity though, unlike Jade Goody the mistress of over hype. Sort of puts these things in perspective.I hope he does not suffer too much.

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I wish him all the best in his fight. Good on him :thumb: :thumb:

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I have tears in my eyes looking at him. Dirty Dancing is my favourite film.

You don't see him in the media all the time like Goody.

Hope the suffering is minimal

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