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Stick insect named after Victoria Beckham

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A new species of Cameroon stick insect has been named after infamous thin celebrity Victoria Beckham.

Scientists at Cape Town University in Cape Town called the new discovery "Phasmidai Skeltori Victorai Poutus" as a token of sympathy for the skeletoral object of mass ridicule after a vote was taken between everyone in the Phasmid ( stick insect ) research department.

Professor Jergen Honkpants said the choice was a toss up between Beckham and the late and great opera star Pavarotti so we decided to put it to the vote. Victoria Beckham won by 12 votes to 11. Jorgon Hankponts, who often gets mistaken for Jergen Honkpants, who had the casting vote said: "I believe that Ms Beckham is well known for nothing special so I wanted to rectify that situation by naming an important discovery in the stick insect world after her.

Phasmidai Skeltori Victorai Poutus

The female of the species is dominant and although it doesn't go as far as eating the male as happens in the Praying Mantis world it will give it a blast of a highly irritating shrieking and piercing sound to get it to obey. The insect which only wears Versace and won't be found near loos has been seen posing in various locations.

Both Jorgon and Jergen said it was difficult to document the natural behaviour of the Victorai Poutus because as soon as you start filming it, it changes behaviour considerably.

Stick Inssectus Miserabalus

A bushel of insiders were unavailable for insiding but did say it was unlikely they were a source.

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I think she must have a big Gay following, judging by the shape of that ass. Looks like a rent boy.

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