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Tori Spelling: 'Bastard Kids won't stop me swearing!!'

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Spelling: 'Bastard Kids won't stop me swearing'

Tori Twat!

Tori Spelling-Fuck, infamous bastard daughter of Hollywood TV mogul Producer Aaron Can't Spelling, has refused to curb her fucking swearing when she is around her wanker of a son Liam Twat. She has also pissing refused to bleeding curb her fucking swearing around her fucking self.

The former Beverly Hills, 9021052588401243 star said she uses the allegedly profane terms in a childlike manner which is not harmful to her one-year-old cunt of an offspring tosser who is a complete bastard

Cuntactmusic, the infamous Mountain Goat Shagging Magazine quotes her as saying: "I'm kind of a little girl piss mouth because I say it with such vulnerability. I don't have to censor myself in front of my son, it's not that bad you cunts."
Aaron Arse!

Spelling is expecting a daughter with husband Dean McDermott in June and they can't fucking wait

She recently revealed that she is a "huge fan of gays". This has nothing to do with the swearing but was included to avoid the punters getting fucking bored with a cunting mono-fucking-logue about fucking swearing and Tori thought is was a good fucking idea to tell fuckin people about her Gay Fan-massive! She apparently said in front of her kids "I've got zillions of fucking gay pictures!! That's not pictures of gay's fucking mind, but just fucking pictures of fucking gays you low quality arse! I even have a gay shrine in my knocker drawer!!! Guffhead!!"

An insider was told to fuck off and a source was fucked.

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Edit: Someone has to use that as their Avatar!! - Perhaps our resident twins are the best candidates? :taunt: :taunt: :taunt:

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