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Lembit Opik is not a town in Kyrgyztan - Official

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It's official. Lembit Opik is not a town in Kyrgyztan. Neither is he a bus lane in Uzbekistan and he certainly isn't a Mongolian love chant broadcast on Western Super Mare FM on most mornings.

No, Lembit is a rather dorky looking MP and famous not for being the first MP never to tell a lie and actually serve the people but for shagging one of the thinnest Transylvanian skeletor twins since Roger the Skeletor Transylvanian Twin had a solo act juggling feild mice in the Reading annual Fete.

Lembit Opik is in the news this week as he refused to propose to his matchstalk partner Gabriela Irimia ( which isn't a promenade on shores of the Black Sea ) of the Cheeky Girls when they both appeared on ITV1's All Star Mr & Mrs. A show guaranteed to invoke vomit from anyone with an IQ exceeding three. The Lib Dem MP was asked to pop the question to his Cheeky Girl lover when they filmed an episode of the show last week.

However, watched by a live audience of 30, Lembit refused to comply with the request, which came from used sanitary towel hosts Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton.

"It was so embarrassing," one audience member told a source. "There was an awkward silence. Poor Gabriela didn't know where to put herself when Lembit refused to ask her. You could tell she was gutted." Lembit started dating Gabriela in 2006. He had previously been in a relationship with TV weathergirl Sian Lloyd.

The couple competed alongside Coronation Street's Bill Roache (Ken Barlow) and Welsh boxer Joe Calzaghe in the episode, which will be screened next month. Bill and Joe have been married for 13 years following Joe's sex change. He used to be called Susan.

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Sian Lloyd looks pretty cute there.

She's 50 as well ( or will be in a month or two )



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