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Jan Moir: Article On Katie Price (Priceless)

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I really dont like the bint but this piece is really funny........apologies for the *heil* ... ds-newsxml

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Plastic woman is as shallow as an empty swimming pool :finger:

She's in all the cheapo tabloids on a daily basis. Takes up way too much room where reporting should be done. Waste of space :roll:

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:rofl: at the article dolls :thumb:

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Daily Fail Comment wrote:Any guy would be lucky to have her! Alex should feel privilidged for the time he got to spend with her!

- John, England, 13/1/2011 13:49

No wonder this guy got over 1500 negative comments.

Hilarious article. :howl: BUT IMHO Jan Moir, Katie Price and Alex Cage Moron are all equally a bunch of idiots. :rofl:

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