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Frumpy Kate Silverton

Actress, Singer, Dancer. Model, Fashion designer, Perfume Seller, Author, Socialite and Cellulite!

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Frumpy Kate Silverton

They ain't kidding. I have the BBC news on most mornings before crashing. Kate Silverton is hot, but the clothes she wears are :throwup:


Kate Silverton is well-known for her outré sartorial choices and her latest outfit was no exception. The presenter arrived on the set of BBC Breakfast today in a busy patterned blouse but judging by her co-host's reaction, the ensemble wasn't exactly a hit.

An amused Bill Turnbull took a swipe at the 38-year-old's mumsy top live on air, prompting Kate to pull him back into line with a fierce finger-pointing display.

In closing the programme, he quipped: '[Tomorrow] Kate will have another marvellous blouse for us to admire... don't mock the smock.'

In a tone that appeared to have a hint of sarcasm, Kate said to viewers: 'Thank you for the lovely emails.' She then turned to her co-host as the credits rolled to issue him with a light-hearted scolding.

The presenter surprised viewers with the blouse this morning, and along with her mussed reddish hair and glasses she bore more than a passing resemblance to Dustin Hoffman's film character Tootsie.

In the 1982 film, Hoffman starred as an unemployed actor with a reputation for being difficult who disguised himself as a woman to get a role in a soap opera.

It seems Kate, who announced her engagement for former Marine Mike Heron at the weekend, may need to think about updating her on-screen wardrobe.

This isn't the first time her choice of outfit has hit the headlines. Viewers were aghast at a green and yellow psychedelic blouse and matching scarf she wore during 2006's Oscar coverage. The pattern was so loud that she was forced to apologise live on air.

Image Image

Double take: Kate's onscreen look was very similar to actor Dustin Hoffman's Tootsie character - Hoffman played a male actor who dressed as a woman to get a job on a soap opera

Another disaster: Kate drew complaints
in 2006 for this ghastly blouse
Viewers contacted the BBC to complain, prompting her to say: "My blouse has divided opinion.

'I apologise if it has made you turn down the contrast on your set.

'It has divided opinion and I do apologise to those of you that hate it.'

A BBC spokeswoman said at the time: 'It is usual to get feedback from viewers on whether or not they like what a presenter is wearing.'

Miss Silverton's fiancé proposed to her on one knee in the Piazza del Popolo in Rome last weekend on a surprise trip to the Italian capital.

A spokesman said the 41-year-old security expert from Hartlepool has had a Forevermark engagement ring made especially for her because he knew the BBC Breakfast presenter would want a diamond that was ethically sourced.


Who chooses the clothes for these presenters? Is it the same person who chose the clothes for Carol Vorderman's foul wardrobe during Countdown

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Oh the days, when Spangles Kaplinsky would wear short skirts and stockings.... It almost made up for her awful personality. But I prefer Kate Silverton every time though. She was more human than Spangles...

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