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Picture of Nicole Cammack only.
11:02pm Fri Aug 01, 2008 
 Nicole enters through the store room
Special Prize
Warning: This article contains references to hugging and kissing. As this may corrupt the impressionable minds of readers over the age of 87 we advise they refrain from reading it.

The infamous Nicole Cammack, girlfriend of Rex stood in the Big Brother store room with a tag around her neck. Big Brother announced that the final special prize was ready to be collected from the store room. Rex predicted it would be a housemate.

Darnell rushed to the door and when he opened it he nearly collapsed with shock. Nicole emerged from the storeroom to much shock and Rex looked at her and for a second was frozen. And then said: "It's my girlfriend!"

Nicole rushed over and they hugged and kissed. And there was much "I love you's"

She was on the Hell side of the house, but as she was a special prize she was allowed to jump the fence and be in the heaven side with Rex

Rex told Nicole about the identity parade and how he threw the picture of number 6 on the floor. Nicole said: "she was really pretty!" Rex retorted, bellowing: " She wasn't!!!!"

Nicole is more than just the last Special Prize. She is a bona fide housemate and as such is eligible to win. So there!!

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