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Piccie of BB Eye
Big Brother
4:50pm Sun Jun 08, 2008 
 Luke Mario Lisa and Steph to face Eviction
Well the Secret task has failed. Sitting at the dinner table after the Face wedding Big Brother spoke and said to the group. "There is a secrete couple in the house. You all have 1 minute to decide who it is!"

Dennis immediately shouted Mario and Lisa! And the he shouted it again. And again. There was a few other suggestions, but in the end various housemates just kept shouting Mario and Lisa!, Mario and Lisa!, Mario and Lisa! in some kind of momentum.

Big Brother came back after a minute and asked Best Man Mikey to stand up and announce the house's decision to which he replied.... wait for it.... Mario and Lisa!

Big Brother said: "The secret couple are Mario and Lisa!" - To this the housemates erupted shouting and screaming and overjoyed.

Kathreya is now whining and sniffling that she didn't notice.

And now everything is out in the open Mario announced."Their will be noise in the bedroom tonight!" . Indeed!!

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