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Picture of Jennifer Clark only.
3:43pm Sat Jun 14, 2008 
 Jennifer's not planning on UK Porn scene
Minnie Midwife

Sylvia and Jennifer was discussing their plans for the future this afternoon in the garden

Sylvia worrying about her being so old said: "I'm 22 soon and I wanna do something for myself."

Jennifer has it all planned out. She's not going to be a WAG or a hot, dirty Celebrity snorting powder in China Whites and arranging to roll out at 5am in front of the papparazi with inflated bangers. She's not going to expose those voluptuous bangers in front of photographers for Nuts and Zoo, and she's not going to attack people in kebab houses while drunker than a drunk thing. She's also not going get involved in the UK porn scene and shoot girl on girl action.

Nope, Jennifer wants to become a Midwife. "Come September, I'd like to go into midwifery and become a midwife," she confessed, although we're not sure you can go into midwifery and NOT become a midwife??!!?? Maybe there's a new vocation of notmidwifery

"What more rewarding job is there than helping bring a life into the world?" She continued. Try notmidewifery. The pay's better.

And in any case. Shouldn't it be called a midparent these days? Gosh we're so politically correct. Damn.

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