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Big Brother 5 - 2004     Day BB

Image of Ahmed Aghil from Big Brother 5 - 2004
Image of Becki Seddiki from Big Brother 5 - 2004
Image of Daniel Bryan from Big Brother 5 - 2004
Image of Emma Greenwood from Big Brother 5 - 2004
Image of Jason Cowan from Big Brother 5 - 2004
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Image of Marco Sabba from Big Brother 5 - 2004
Image of Michelle Bass from Big Brother 5 - 2004
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Image of Victor Ebuwa from Big Brother 5 - 2004
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Big Brother 5 - 2004
Emma Greenwood
Age in House:  20
Age Now:  32
Hometown:  Oldham
Status:  Kicked
Occupation:  Legal Administrator
Relationship:  Single-bisexual
Starsign:  Sagittarius
Image of Emma Greenwood from Big Brother 5 - 2004
Emma Greenwood
Emma Louise Greenwood (born October 12, 1983) was formerly an administrative assistant from Oldham, Greater Manchester and had a minor singing career before and after her time in the house. Emma has also been a member of the British Army.

Emma works in admin for a legal company but previously worked as an entertainer in Spain. She's a party girl, loves meeting new people, going out and eating curry.

Emma was massively involved with fight night, as her antics are often considered as what started it. She was ejected from the house on Day 22 following her antics that night.

Emma left the game. Emma was moved to the bedsit with Michelle when she faced possible temporary eviction on Friday the 11th June - third nominee Ahmed stayed behind in the house. Having returned on the 16th June (Day 20), Emma was then removed from the house and put back into the bedsit after a big bust-up. She stayed in the bedsit on her own for a couple of days, but was finally sent home on the 19th of June (Day23) in her own interests. She was not Officially evicted.

Since leaving the Big Brother house Emma has made various public appearances, as well as appearing alongside former Housemate Michelle Bass on the softcore porn channel Television X, performing links between clips during the Freeview. Emma moved into a flat in London with fellow housemate Marco for several months until ultimately returning to the army.

In 2005 Emma was voted the fifth most popular housemate of all time losing to BB2 winner Brian Dowling who finished 4th and Fellow Housemates Michelle Bass and Stuart Wilson and Nadia who won.

What is your plan to survive in the House?
Just be myself and hope for the best.

Describe your worst experience of house sharing.
In Spain, allocated apartments. Spooky, haunted.

What is your greatest fear about going in?
Worried that I'll be surrounded by people jumping into bed with each other. ( Oh No - How dangerous!! - Yawn )

What will most annoy the other housemates about you?
I'm too gullible and na´ve. I'm not good with maths.

What will they love?
I'm a very open person and a good listener.

What will most annoy you about the other housemates?
Falseness - I can judge it a mile away.

What will you do if you don't win?
Go back to Spain and live the high life.

What's your biggest secret?
I bite my toenails!

People say they will do anything to win. Where would you draw the line?
I'm not stripping for anyone. Wouldn't sleep around either! Now there's a suprise!

Tell us a joke. Girl called Shagerada is at home whilst her mother is out shopping. The milkman pops round and offers her two pints of milk if she lets him in. She does. He offers her three more pints of milk if she lets him go upstairs. Another five pints if she lets him get into her bed. Another six if he can shag her. Whilst shagging her, the girl's mother comes in and calls upstairs. 'Shagerada!' to which the milkman replies, "she's got my entire milk float, I'm shagging her as hard as I can."

What is your party trick?
Me and friends do handstands and do fanny farts!

Favourite movie, book or magazine?
Shawshank Redemption, Bridget Jones' Diary, More magazine. "The Mind"- don't know the author.

What item of clothing could you not live without?
GHD straighteners.

Before Big Brother, what was your claim to fame?
I was on 'Diners' for BBC3 - I got really drunk and they didn't show it. Famous for being 'Em.'

Describe your perfect Valentine's dinner?
On a beach, me and whoever wants to come, candles, loads of beer and Marvin Gaye or Luther Vandross.
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