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Big Brother 1 - 2000     Day BB

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Big Brother 1 - 2000
Nichola Holt
Age in House:  28
Age Now:  44
Hometown:  Bolton
Status:  Evicted
Occupation:  Art teacher
Relationship:  Single
Starsign:  Leo
Image of Nichola Holt from Big Brother 1 - 2000
Nichola Holt
Nichola Holt ( born 12 August 1971 ) was a 29 year old art teacher from Bolton, Lancashire who lived with her parents. She achieved further education and gained a BA in Textile Design. Her Mother, Joyce, is a member of a religious sect and a worrier. Her Father is a hermit who loves routine and is a private person. She has one sister. Nichola left home at the age of 17 and is into both Buddhism and Spiritualism.

Nichola has a Shaven head is a slim 5'5" and has several tattoos around her belly button, at the bottom of her spine, and between her shoulder blades at the base of the neck. She has her nose, ears, lip, belly button, tongue and clitoral hood pierced

She works as self-employed textile artist and art teacher but has previously worked as a tax officer, a life model, bar waitress, care worker, 3-D artist and a costume designer. Her dream job would be a trapeze artist, fashion or costume designer and a world traveller

Nichola likes chess, running, fencing, weights, Acid house, techno music, hip hop, dance, jazz, and acid jazz and dislikes traffic jams, pollution, negative people, jealousy, Cliff Richard ( who does!), lies, aggression, vindictiveness and Liver. And like many people in this country has a fear of getting fat. Her favorite artistes are Abba, Japan, Madonna, Annie Lennox and Bread

Nihola is no happier than when she is "Swinging from a trapeze. I love it!!"

Her friends say she is "Wild, expressive, loved, an exhibitionist, horny, getting drunk and taking clothes off in public, witty, and most definitely mad for it! A veritable Nutter Nichola!" Her good traits are caring, friendly, playful, creative, energetic, focussed, generous, open, a leader, good for a laugh and reliable, while her bad traits are going off on a tangent, \"has a big gob\", talking rubbish when drunk, talking too loud, swearing too much.

What does she find annoying in others? Interrupting when talking; talking over someone else; people pushing and poking; men talking to your tits; drunk beer monsters; women screaming/hitting children in public or at all

Her last holiday was travelling alone to Ozura, Hungary for the Solipse Festival. She then travelled through Europe to Orgiva, near Granada, Spain. Nichola's most memorable holiday was in Ibiza where met up with a punk and got into much naughtiness.

Her dream holiday would be a stay in a Buddhist commune in India where she would meditate, learn yoga and chill out. Afterwards she would move to the Himalyas and then take on the rest of the world.

Nichola says she has two obsessions. Her weight and cutting her hair. We fail to see how cutting her hair is an obsession. She doesn't have any.

In ten years time Nichola hopes to be "...travelling around the world making costumes, performing , dancing and having a ball! Hopefully be the best trapeze artist in the world."

Nichola was evicted on Day 36 with 72% of the vote

After Big Brother
After leaving Big Brother she tried to cash in by making attempt at being a pop star by releasing a single called "The game" but it flopped badly. And then she tried to make it in fashion and textiles.

Nichola currently works in the porn industry having sex for a living. She also had a steamy Lesbian affair with Sada Wilkington.
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Thu, May 26, 2016

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Thu, May 26, 2016