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Big Brother 1 - 2000     Day BB

Image of Andy Davidson from Big Brother 1 - 2000
Image of Anna Nolan from Big Brother 1 - 2000
Image of Caroline O'Shea from Big Brother 1 - 2000
Image of Claire Strutton from Big Brother 1 - 2000
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Image of Darren Ramsay from Big Brother 1 - 2000
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Big Brother 1 - 2000
Darren Ramsay
Age in House:  23
Age Now:  38
Hometown:  Catford, London
Status:  3rd
Occupation:  Meeter and Greeter at Millennium Dome
Relationship:  Single
Image of Darren Ramsay from Big Brother 1 - 2000
Darren Ramsay
Darren Ramsay ( born 7 July 1977 ) was a 23 year old who lived in Catford, London. Darren has three brothers and one sister. He also has three children of his own by ex-girlfriend Tammy. His daughters are Shanice 5, Nuviea 4, and Zahnae who celebrated her birthday while he was in the house. Although they are no longer going out together, Darren and Tammy continue to live together with their children.

Darren was educated at Deptford Green School and Lewisham College where he achieved a BTEC in Business and Finance. His previous jobs include Meeter and Greeter at the Millennium Dome, delivery driver, a sales assistant at clothes shop GAP and a chef. His dream job however would be presenting MTV Europe or Children's television.

None of Darren's family, except Tammy, knew he applied for Big Brother and it came as a complete surprise to them.

He likes cheese and bread, working out, dancing and pets and dislikes getting up in the morning, shaving, London transport and rock music like "Smashing Pumpkins". Physical appearance is important to Darren and he has a phobia of mice and chickens.

Darren's favourite music genres are R&B, soul, pop, house/garage and reggae and his favourite songs are The Beach by All Saints, Flowers by Sweet Female Attitude, Thong Song by Cisco, Willennium by Will Smith and Always by Jon Bon Jovi.

"My friends have advised me to do this so they can laugh at me for once." Darren said of his reasons for auditioning for Big Brother. "My friends all say I'm a flirt, a ladies man and that I'm a big over-grown girl 'cause I change my hairstyles frequently and carry a backpack wherever I go."

What does Tammy say about him? Tammy describes him as a "flirtatious, funny and sensitive" person who is obsessed with looking good, but if he doesn't he'd wear a hat to hide himself. Darren cannot tolerate anything dirty and will not sit down in a dirty house.

Darren says his good traits are good listener, good cook and describes himself as an 'agony uncle'

Darren, in a pre-emptive fear of homosexuality, said "I would leave the Big Brother House If I was asked to give a blow job to a bloke as a challenge - NO WAY!"

After Big Brother
After Big brother Darren fell into a year long depression, but then made an attempt to launch a career as a TV presenter and managed to present Good Food Live on UK Food.

He then trained as a flight attendant and was shown on the ITV Show 'Airline' where he was asked to leave the course. Darren has also appeared as a contestant on the 'Reality TV Star' special episode of Anne Robinson's The Weakest Link.
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