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Big Brother 1 - 2000     Day BB

Image of Andy Davidson from Big Brother 1 - 2000
Image of Anna Nolan from Big Brother 1 - 2000
Image of Caroline O'Shea from Big Brother 1 - 2000
Image of Claire Strutton from Big Brother 1 - 2000
Image of Craig Phillips from Big Brother 1 - 2000
Image of Darren Ramsay from Big Brother 1 - 2000
Image of Melanie Hill from Big Brother 1 - 2000
Image of Nick Bateman from Big Brother 1 - 2000
Image of Nichola Holt from Big Brother 1 - 2000
Image of Sada Wilkington from Big Brother 1 - 2000
Image of Tom McDermott from Big Brother 1 - 2000
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Big Brother 1 - 2000
Caroline O'Shea
Age in House:  37
Age Now:  53
Hometown:  Birmingham
Status:  Evicted
Occupation:  Unemployed
Relationship:  Single
Starsign:  Aries
Image of Caroline O'Shea from Big Brother 1 - 2000
Caroline O'Shea
Caroline (AKA 'Caggy') O'Shea ( born 1 April 1963 ) was a 37 year old from Birmingham who came from a large family as one of seven children. She fears losing her mother but wouldn't say why. She had no further education but has completed an 'Open Access' course in Theatre.

Caroline was unemployed before entering Big Brother. her previous jobs have included mortgage consultant, telephonist, special constable for West Midlands Police, vocalist in a rave organisation, cleaner in a gay bar, makeovers, and sold sex toys. She says her dream job would be in a creative role like writing or performing songs

She has 2 pet goldfish called "Hannibal the Cannibal" and "Hoover" She says "I like pets because you don't have to discuss how you're feeling, they just know." ( What? Even goldfish?? )

Caroline likes Curry powder, fresh coriander, chicken, bread, mysticism and can't live without brocolli. She highly dislikes celery, turnips, red meats, cruelty, being without a car, no money, no garden, hypocrisy and to see others unhappy

Her favoroute books are heal your life by Louise Hay, Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach, Lords of the Night by Monique Ellis and Robots Rebellion by David Icke

Caroline wanted to be on Big Brother for the fame, money, self-discovery, friendships and "as a experiment". She describes herself as: "Energetic, open, truthful, great sense of humour, perceptive, and tolerant until pushed then apparently I'm scary." Her brother says she is "very much a non- conformist" Her friends say Caroline is fun-loving, a star in her own right, a good shoulder to cry on and generous and optimistic.

Her good traits are positivity, good listener, good conversationalist, child-like, resilient, hospitable, and a team player whileher bad traits are scattyness, untidyness and smoking.

She likes a variety of music except "tinny techno rubbish and violent rap" and can play the saxophone. Her favourite songs are Ivory Madonna by UB40, High Hopes by Frank Sinatra, Finally by CeCe Penniston, like a prayer by Madonna and the classic Superwoman

Caroline has a keen interest in holistic healing and alternative thought patterns. And,like most people, hopes to have met her Prince Charming and be living happily ever after in 10 years time

Caroline was evicted on Day 29 with 62% of the vote.

After Big Brother
After Big Brother Caroline returned to her old job of selling sex toys in Birmingham, alongside occasional singing spots in clubs. However she also attempted to launch a pop career, recorded a single, but failed to gain a recording contract.

Following this failure, in 2001, she suffered from depression. Caroline said, "People think I'm a millionairess because I've been on TV and to a few celebrity parties. But that couldn't be further from the truth. I'm even arguing with Channel 4 over money they owe me," she said.

She was also offered £5,000 for topless modelling for the Sunday Sport. Caroline now runs a makeover portrait studio in London.
Caroline's Audition VT

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Picture of Carole Vincent only.
  Big Brother 8 - 2007   2:13am Mon Mar 31, 2008
 A big hearted political protester
Image of A big hearted political protester
Big Brother Housemate Carole Vincent was given the loudest and most positive applause by the audience.

Carole is a bisexual former sexual health worker and self-confessed political protester who has frequently demonstrated passionately in support of her beliefs.

Carole admitted to Davina that if an argument was happening she was capable of going in to stir things up. How not to win friends and influence people. Some voters may have wanted Victoria Beckham look-a-like Chanelle Hayes to remain. .....

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Sun, May 29, 2016

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